Gift Certificates for Photography Classes are Available

Collier Photo offers photographic instruction for all ages, and all walks of life. From people with no previous experience to professionals. If you want to learn, we’re ready to teach.

Gary Collier L.P.P.O. brings 30 years of experience to his photography classes. Having taught photography for 6 years at a community college, Gary is well suited to helping you achieve your photographic goals.

In our Basic Course you can expect to learn:

  • Caring for and Cleaning your Camera
  • Basic Camera Setup
  • Aperture and shutter speed (Exposure)
  • Good Composition
  • Flash Photography
  • Basic Portraiture
  • Equipment for Different or Unique Needs
  • Overcoming Typical Problems

This course is intended for both the beginner as well as intermediate photographer with either a digital or film camera.

We also offer an Advanced Photography Course. This course spends less time in lectures and focuses more on hands on photography. Subjects that are discussed include posing, lighting, advanced photographic techniques and advanced photo manipulation.

If you are interested in more specific areas of photography ask about our One on One instruction.

Call (905) 895-4279 or email us at: if you’re interested in learning more about our Photography Classes or would like to inquire about organizing a group seminar